Is Jessica Biel Exercising Too Much?

jessica bielIn "No Matter What You Do, You Can't Win" News: Celebrity Edition, Jessica Biel stirred up some controversy awhile ago when she told Glamour UK that she eats no dairy, sugar, salt or meat when she's working on a movie or show, and works out six days a week doing ballet, running, biking and weight training.

And of course celebrity magazines pounced, with In Touch Weekly claiming her friends think she has a problem. Whatevs. Apparently Biel's lost weight lately, "sometimes looking drawn and underweight," according to Celebitchy. Hello, that makes her different from any other Hollywood starlet how, exactly?


It's another case of damned if you do, damned if you don't. Pretty much everything I have read, ever, about exercise says that you should be active on most days of the week. Running, ballet and biking are all different workouts, and biking in particular can be a hard-charging training ride or a nice casual pedal through the neighborhood.

She does apparently do six-day fasts, which is whackadoo. But other than that, well, her job is to look gorgeous, and it's one she does well. Yes, there's way too much pressure to be super-thin in Hollywood, but as long as that's true there will always be actresses who go to extremes to make it happen. Personally, I can't blame her for playing the game and at least she isn't trying to pull that "oh no, I just do yoga twice a week" crap.

Is six days a week overdoing it?

Image via Maggiejumps/Flickr

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