Do Your Breasts Keep You From Working Out?


sports braIt's the stuff to give a teenage boy a case of the nervous giggles.

Bouncing boobs. Jiggling breasts.

But it's not a laughing matter for the women who just want to work out without a pain in the chest.

Scientists are finally examining the effect the fun bags have on your form, and it isn't pretty.

In a report out of the University of Portsmouth's Department of Sport and Exercise Science, researchers have determined "inadequate breast support affects a female's running kinetics, which may have negative physiological consequences on sports performance."

The bouncing of the boobs while you run isn't just uncomfortable, they found, it can cause stress injuries.

And despite your attempt to maintain proper alignment, the larger the breasts, the more likely they will throw off your balance ever so slightly -- paving the path to injury.

It isn't just running. I studied karate for several years with a woman who was significantly more well-endowed than I, and I had the unique angle of watching how easily they get in the way of physical activity.

In sparring, I had better form simply because I'm flat as a pancake -- and I could glide my arms across the front of my body without something inhibiting the movement.

Some of this can never be changed -- at least without surgery -- but there is some good news in all of this. Adequate support in the form of sports bras is out there.

And all that back pain from your big breasts can be relieved with some good techniques.

Have you held back on a workout because of your breasts?

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hotic... hoticedcoffee

I'm a DD, and I can tell you they certainly interfere with certain yoga poses.  Forget running - unless Godzilla is at my heels or my kids are in danger, I don't get much faster than a trot, and even that's risky.

knfisch knfisch

I double bra it and still get bouncy boobs while I run, but not enough to keep me from doing it!  I'm a DD and have found that they get in the way of everything. I agree that they interfere with some yoga poses and they also slow me down when doing boxing moves. I hope they deflate a bit when I'm done breastfeeding!

Evryb... EvrybodysFriend

Ive been a DD since a little before high school and went through basic training and worked out and ran all the time.  Trick is to find a supportive bra which is the absolute challenge.  I just had my son about 4 months ago and of course they ballooned up months before he was born (no more after words thank goodness) but now im sitting in f/g cup and can not find a stinking sports bra that doesnt cost an arm and a leg. UG! and it's highly annoying, im loosing weight everywhere else EXCEPT in my bra.  But no havent held back.  gone to drastic measures of ace bandageing them after i put a bra on just for something extra.  The other thing that happens from lack of support of a good sports bra/everyday bra, it tears boob tissue.

KatieP. KatieP.


I just wear a regular bra then a sports bra then a supportive top when I run. Now I know why I am the only one in yoga class who actually falls over. Constantly.

Carey... Carey2006

no...what boobs?...LOL

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