The Pill Makes You Smarter and 4 More Reasons to Stay On It


the pillLike most women I know, I went off the pill to try to get pregnant.

And then after, I had the option: go back on or try something different for my contraceptive needs.

Turns out I should have gone back to popping a pill once a day.

The pill, a new study says, makes you smarter.

MRI scans on some 3.5 million women found taking the pill results in increases in the size of certain parts of the brain by about 3 percent -- parts that were linked to conversational skills and memory.

Are you dialing up your doc for your prescription alternative to ginko?

The pill already has an avid fanship among women who don't necessarily need the contraception side but love the side effects. They use it:

1. To clear up the skin.

2. To keep their mood swings in check.

3. To reduce the period pain.

4. To lighten heavy periods.

New studies that show it reduces the risk of cancer don't hurt either.

Would you consider taking the pill for something other than contraception?


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Jenni... JenniferDawyn

Years ago, I'd get my period for about three weeks, then a week and a half later, start all over.  My doctor prescribed The Pill to regulate my periods and I love it!  It's been 10 years, and I do wonder if being on the pill for so long will cause problems getting pregnant when I want to, but it's just so easy.  Plus, I know when my period is coming.

Also, when I was a teenager, I had an overian cyst, and my doctor put me on the pill then.  It cleared the cyst right up.

nonmember avatar TG

The Pill makes the areas devoted to conversation about 3% larger, but the overall brain size does not increase. So therefore some other part of the brain has become smaller. So women on the Pill might chat more, but there is no evidence, despite all the headlines, that there is an increase in intelligence. The area for conversation is already larger in women than men anyway - do we really need to be taking something that causes other parts of our brain to shrink?

nonmember avatar SKL

Why would all those women allow an MRI to be done just for a stupid birth control study? You call that intelligent?

sstepph sstepph

I was on the pill and it made me so sick. Horrible cramping, nauseated all the time, horrible mood swings and wanting to sleep. I just came off of it a month ago, and I have felt great this month. Normal period, no cramping.. I'm super happy and not wanting to sleep all the time =) Even if it made me smarter, I dont want it again, lol.

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