Penis Pumps for Women?

penis pumpWho would buy a penis pump for a woman?

Turns out the federal government has been doing just that, for many women in fact.

In a bad example of some of the flaws in our nation's health care system, Medicare paid $395 a pop for vacuum erection systems for allegedly needy patients, including women. In total, Medicare paid out $28,600 to a couple of men in Florida who were running the fraudulent scheme.


First of all, if you look up penis pumps on or do a quick search on the web, there are penis pumps a plenty for under $30. The most expensive one I found was about $130, so the fact that the government was shelling out almost $400 for each is crazy enough. And of course, the fact that they were approving them for women is just baffling.

In one case, a single woman was approved for FOUR penis pumps.

"That we should have caught," a representative from Health and Human Services told the Miami Herald.


How is it that when I try to get a legitimate expense covered through my insurance carrier, I have to jump through endless hoops, but someone can fraud the system like this so easily?

Penis pumps were only part of the fake claims the men -- Emilio Lopez and Orlando Estevez -- made. In all, they submitted $1.9 million; Medicare reimbursed them for $735,000.

The men have been arrested and will appear in court Monday.

While this is a sensational case because of the nature of the merchandise, it's not an isolated one. An NPR article titled "How Fighting Health Fraud Is Like Playing Whack-A-Mole" says taxpayers are bilked out of $65 billion a year due to health fraud.

Are you surprised to see cases of Medicare fraud continue to persist like this one? What do you think would improve the system?

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