Long Forgotten Diets & Why You Might Need Them After Eating Ben & Jerry's

Diets are a pain but pretty much everyone I know is on one, myself included. I am always on a diet of some sort. Last week I swore off beer, this week it's chocolate. And when I am really motivated, I will try something like the Flat-Belly Diet, which actually works, but it involves a lot of restrictive eating on a schedule.

So many of those diet tricks you've heard over the years simply aren't true and you'll be shocked at the ones you've never heard of. If you're on a diet, watching your weight, or taking some steps toward a healthier lifestyle, here is some recent health news that could come in handy.

Know Your Calories. I'm sure you know that ice cream contains a few more calories than a grapefruit, but did you know it can contain more calories than a bacon cheeseburger? If you love Ben & Jerry's ice cream, it might be a good idea to stop reading right here. -- FitSugar
Top Nutritionists' Best Tips. A list of some of the best tips I have ever seen on controlling your appetite, including how to make your favorite salad dressing with half the calories. Pour it on! -- Betty Confidential
Keep Fit Without Exercising. Dieting and exercise are great ways to keep healthy, but there are other ways to get in shape that don't involve either. Yes, seriously. My personal favorites include cuddling and sleeping. -- TresSugar
How to Pick the Healthier Option. Good news for all you bacon lovers out there, it's healthier than sausage! Here are some answers to age-old questions, such as broccoli or cauliflower? -- Shine
Diet Tricks From Long Ago. If you've never heard of the Edwardian Chew Diet, you are probably not alone. It's 100 years old and entails eating whatever you want as long as each bite is chewed a total of 32 times. Oh, after that, whatever food doesn't slide down the throat when the head is tilted back must be spit out. A British reality show is introducing some tricks our ancestors forgot to pass on. -- FitSugar 

A Realistic Approach to Eating Right. Most of us know the basics of a good diet. Most of us also know that we don't always have time to plan out a nutritious breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack. Here are some shortcuts for eating right without slowing down your pace. -- Shape
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