Sly Stallone Says Exercise Could Kill You; I Agree

slySylvester Stallone, the mega-buff star of 1980s classic films like the Rocky and Rambo movies, sustained 14 injuries on the set of his latest movie, The Expendables.

Still in incredibly good shape at 64, although possessed of what appears to be a truly impressive set of moobs, he told reporters during a press junket for the movie, "Exercise, I tell people, can kill you." He ruptured an ankle, broke a tooth, and developed bronchitis and shingles while making the movie. I can relate. While I'm a good bit younger than 64, I'm a pretty major klutz and have had my share of exercise injuries that have nothing to do with the actual exercise I was doing.


Some years ago, I was working out at the gym, bent to retrieve something I'd dropped, and came up without looking ... WHAM into a barbell. That won me two stitches in my eyebrow and a tetanus shot.

Just this past winter, I hopped on a treadmill at the Y and went backward onto the floor, shrieking like a fool all the way. Some idiot had left the belt running and walked away, and the next idiot (me) didn't notice it when I stepped on. And back in my street running days, I had tons of skinned knees and bruises from tripping on uneven pavement or slipping on the ice. Awesome.

What's your most embarrassing (or funniest) exercise-injury story?

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