The Humiliation Diet: Would Tweeting What You Eat Work for You?

Tweet What You EatDo you tweet what you eat?

More and more people are, and some are finding it an effective way to lose weight.

Here's how it works: You journal everything you eat as well as your weight and how much you exercise via Twitter. The hope is that you will be too embarrassed to tell all of Twitterland that you just ate two Big Macs and a pint of Ben & Jerry's ... so you won't.

Some call it the "Humiliation Diet".


There are several ways to do it. You can use your regular Twitter account and just include hastags like #humiliationdiet or #tweetwhatyoueat, or you can sign up officially through

"It appeals to a certain type of person that needs that assurance, and wants to be held accountable for what they're eating, and wants to engage in a community," Alex Ressi, founder of tweetwhatyoueat, recently told Good Morning America. "You can end up getting more support than humiliation."

One dieter, Bill Magary told GM he has lost 60 pounds this way.

I know if I keep my weight monitored and I keep it public every day, I'm always going to have an incentive to keep what I eat balanced," Magary said.

I actually like this idea. Food journals have proven to be effective in weight loss, and being held accountable to a group for your choices can be very motivating. Of course, you have to be motivated to keep up with it ... and tell the truth.

But, it's free and easy to start, so it couldn't hurt to try. I may just do so.

Have you tried the Humiliation Diet? Would you?

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