How Hilary Duff Got Buff for Her Wedding; Will She Stay That Way?

Hilary DuffBased on the pictures seen so far, Hilary Duff looked incredible this weekend when she wed hockey superstar Mike Comrie.

Her dress was beautiful, and she looked amazing in it thanks to months of hard work with her trainer Harley Pasternak

So what exactly did she do to get in such great shape?


"Each workout starts with a cardio warm up of jump rope and jogging, then we do a circuit of upper body, lower body, and abdominals," Pasternak told last week. "We go through each exercise and do about 25 reps. We'll repeat that circuit about four times and then end with cardio at the end."

Her diet consisted mainly of protein from foods like egg white omelets, chopped salads, and Miso black cod.

Pasternak said Duff saw "a huge difference, practically all over," but especially in her arms and stomach.

It sounds like the typical get-fit-fast formula. My question is: How long will she stay in this great shape?

Duff has never been overweight (even though there were rumors she was ordered to lose weight before appearing on Gossip Girl), but she also isn't one of the super-skinny starlets in Hollywood. And she's done a bit of yo-yoing over the years.

So to undergo such rigorous training for her big day, I have to wonder if she'll be able to keep it up realistically, or if she'll gradually slip back to where she was before she started.

I've always shied away from crash diets or intensely exercising for a specific event or occasion because I feel like I'm just setting myself up to gain it right back.

It doesn't mean I haven't panicked at the thought of donning a bikini on the beach and hit the gym extra hard, but overall I feel like if an eating plan or exercise schedule can't work for me long term, I don't even want to attempt it for a short time.

What about you, do you diet and exercise for specific events? And if so, do you usually lose the progress you've made afterward?

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