Use Google to Find The Flu Near You

Every year around this time, the flu makes it annual appearance. There's a new way to know if it's headed to a town near you: Google Flu Trends.


As reported in this week's New York Times, even before flu-stricken people call their doctors, they go onto the Internet and enter phrases like "flu symptoms" into Google. So Google complies this information and can detect regional outbreaks 10 days before they are reported to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). But do click over to the CDC for info on symptoms, relief and vaccines.

Cool. My state, New Jersey, remains healthy for now. But it looks like I'd better watch out in mid-December. Some docs run out of flu shots, so get one now if you intend to. Like Cafe Kierna, I'm still not sure if it's flu shot time for me this year (or any year, actually).

Did you check the tracker? Would you like to know if there a flu near you?

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