New Device Cures Insomnia -- No More Pills or Clinics

sleepingI don't know if it's the heat, excitement over some new things going on in our lives, or a general inability to sleep through the night after years of being frequently awakened by kids, but both my husband and I have been battling some minor insomnia recently. It's like a miracle when we can actually both rest comfortably throughout the night, which is leading to a lot of odd conversations when one or the other of us sort of trail off and stare into space, the thought utterly lost.

Maybe we'd be good candidates for this device that Phillips Electronics is testing out that actually creates the sensation of being gently rocked to sleep. Think how your kid conks out instantly in the baby swing or the car; this works on the same principle.


It's about the size of an MP3 player and connects to the mastoid bone behind the ear using a sensor cable ... and here's where I get a little freaked out. Does it attach to actual bone, or just to the skin covering it? Anyway, the cable sends pulses to the vestibular system in the ear that mimic the sensations of being gently rocked, like on a sailboat or a train.

The idea of something making me feel like I'm being rocked makes me feel a little bit dizzy and queasy just thinking about it, but it apparently works. Two-thirds of the people who tested it went from moderate to severe insomnia to virtually none. As I'm sitting here yawning through my second cup of coffee, this sounds like a pretty nice idea to me.

What's your sure-fire insomnia cure? Would you use a rocking device to help you sleep?


Image via Peajewel/CafeMom


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