Are You Still Seeing Your Childhood Doctor?

pediatricianThere is nothing like going to see a new doctor that gives me agita.

Let's face it: I've had a kid. The fewer new people who see this body naked, the better.

So I have nothing but sympathy for all those adults out there still clinging to their pediatrician.


And by adults, I mean people who are on the legal side of 21, and really should have sucked it up years ago. The Wall Street Journal found pediatricians who have 30-year-olds still calling them up for a consultation.

Considering a pediatrician by name is in a practice for pediatric patients, they're about 12 years overdue for a change.

And they could be selling themselves short.

Because while your average pediatrician is a talented medical practitioner, their day-to-day job is to note afflictions that affect the young.

They received some training for adult disease in medical school, but they're simply less experienced with them. And they have no reason to keep up with the literature.

So they're not going to school you on breast exams. And considering they're more worried about boogers smeared on the exam room wall than your pap smear, don't expect to lie down in the stirrups.

Although you would probably get a Dora sticker when they were done. That's more than my OB/GYN ever gave me.

Still want some of that family friendliness and an all-in-one practice where you can take your kids and yourself to save time (and money)? Try a practice that offers "cradle to grave" services.

Are you still seeing your pediatrician?


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