Your Doctor's on Facebook & He's Spying on You

Facebook pageFirst it was the credit bureaus.

Now there's a new spy poking around your Facebook page.

Your doctor.

And you thought he got personal when he asked you to put your feet in those stirrups.

A survey of medical practitioners found 60 percent of physicians and 65 percent of nurses are interested in using social media in their professional lives.

But before you OK your doc's friend request, you might want to do a major purge on what she's going to find:


1. What "Social Drinker" Means to You. There you are in picture number one with a wine glass. In picture number four too. There's a Cosmo. Oh, and a mojito in the other hand. And wait, is that a beer bong?

2. The Occasional Cigarette. No longer just an episode of The Good Wife, your doc now knows you enjoy a little nicotine with your beer.

3. Sunscreen Schmunscreen. Is that a lobster or are you happy to see the camera?

4. How Much Sleep You Really Get. Who's posting pictures at 2 a.m. and updating your status about your all-nighter at 7? Oh, right, that's you.

5. Your STD Risk. Every time you post a piece about how infidelity isn't a big deal, they're signing you up for another smear.

6. How Hard You "Diet." Ice cream for dinner. M&M's and Pepsi for breakfast. All those status updates mean no Lap-Band surgery for you.

7. How Depressed You Really Are. You're one "FML" short of a Prozac prescription.

Are you friends with your physician on Facebook?


Image via basykes/Flickr

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