Docs Say Flip Flops Are Dangerous; Will You Forgo Yours?

flip flopsI live in Florida; I live in flip flops. I love them, and I can't even begin to tell you how many pairs I own. From fancy Tory Burch leather versions to my oldest rattiest Reefs, I prefer them over almost any other shoe.

There were many, many years when I limped in pain just to sport sky-high stilettos -- neither snowdrift nor blisters could sway me from the highest of heels. So I thought my conversion to flip flops was a mature, smart decision for my feet ... only now doctors say no.

In fact, they say flip flops can be downright dangerous.


"If you wear them all the time, they aren't good for you," Dr. Kathya Zinszer told CNN. "They are terrible for the arches. They give you no support and they don't protect your feet. I'm not totally against flip-flops, but they can be dangerous."

But they're so comfortable ... Not in the long run says a 2008 study from Auburn University that says wearing flip flops can result in everything from sprained ankles due to an increased risk of tripping to more scrapes and bruises since so much more skin is exposed.

"The shoe really doesn't protect your foot," Dr. Zinszer continued. "So you can get scrapes, bruises, small lacerations that in many cases can lead to more serious problems."

While I find all this advice and caution interesting, I can't say it's going to make me give up fashion for my foot health. Just like all the warnings about high heels didn't make me kick those to the curb either ... until I was ready.

Perhaps I'll regret my shoe choices one day, but for now, I won't forfeit my flip flops.

Do you love flip flops? Will warnings about their safety make you change your mind?

Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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