This Sports Bra Costs More Than Your Mortgage

la trenta sports braWhen it comes to buying workout clothes, I have a philosophy that is probably the opposite of most people's: I don't buy cheap.

Between the weekends and not-at-work time, I wear workout clothes way more than my regular clothes, so I spend more on them. Plus, if there's any time you should look and feel your best, it's when you're in front of a full-length mirror and surrounded by 50 gorgeous, skinny women.

So I'm not opposed to spending $30, even $50 on a quality workout bra that fits well, does its job, and lasts a long time ... but I draw the line at the one that's worth more than my car.

This, the world's most expensive sports bra at right, sells for $1,850. And before you ask, those crucifixes, chains, and crystals are not a decoration to simply enhance the product shot. They are part of the bra!


The La Trenta Bra by Body Rock Sport is made of black Spandex, with gunmetal burnout fabric sewn on the sides to add ventilation and "chicness." The necklace is removable, which will come in handy for your next "'80s revisited" party. Gotta love Lemondrop's assessment of the bangled bra: "This looks like the album art for 'Like a Prayer' aggressively humped your gym clothes."

As for who would buy this -- even without the black diamond Swarovski crystal neckline -- well, Madonna, probably. The rest of us echo the comments of one reader on the blog: "If I pay this much for a bra, there better be a pair of boobs in there."


Image via Body Rock Sport

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