Kerri Walsh Is Scared to Don a Bikini, and I'm Glad

Kerri WalshI started to read Kerri Walsh's latest blog about her post-baby body on People with a big sigh ready and my eyes poised to roll. Instead, I felt a little relief.

I'm fascinated with accounts of how women snap back into their pre-baby bodies in the blink of an eye (yes, Bethenny Frankel, I'm talking to you), and good for them, really. 

In one sense I find their stories motivational, but it's also nice to see an honest account, from an Olympic athlete nonetheless, about how hard it is to lose baby weight. 


"... I'm nowhere near ready to get back to competing and wearing my uniform (Oakley bikinis!) even though I'm due to get back to it in a few short weeks. It makes my tummy hurt just thinking about it."

She's working on it though.

"I'm quite literally working my butt off and if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll tell you a silly little secret of mine. After nearly every single workout, I walk my way into my bathroom, make a hesitant but very hopeful little turn, and check out my buns. Every day I'm a little closer to walking out with a smile. Perhaps then, order will be restored to my psyche."

Sounds all too familiar to me.

Sure, her youngest son is only 11 weeks, and my daughter is 18 months, but her admissions make me just a smidge more sympathetic toward my thighs.

Hopefully she and I will both be smiling back at our reflections soon!

Do Kerri Walsh's post-baby body image issues make you feel better about your body than stars who snap right back into shape?


Image via cmaccubbin/Flickr

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