The Women of 'Mad Men' Spill Their Beauty Secret: Skip the Gym

mad men joanWant to look like Christina Hendricks, January Jones, or Elisabeth Moss? It's simple: Just avoid the gym at all costs. (Don't mind if I do!)

The gorgeous women of Mad Men openly admit that the show's creators encourage them to eat really well and skip the gym in order to look curvy, healthy, and fabulous. In fact, Jones was reprimanded last year when Betty Draper started looking a little too thin (though, that's nothing that a good girdle can't fix, right?).


Hendricks -- and her fabulously feminine figure -- was one of the first celebs of late to remind us just how sexy healthy curves can be; I love that the other women are now measuring themselves against her, and not the other way around. It's certainly refreshing to see mega-famous stars rebelling against the notion that actresses must be starving waifs in order to get work in Hollywood.

But I'm skeptical of the suggestion that these women never go to the gym. All three of them have ridiculously beautiful bodies, and they constantly look like they've been perfectly poured into whatever stylish '60s outfit they happen to be wearing. Not to mention the fact that they all have good posture, muscle tone, great hair, a healthy glow ... guess where that comes from?

You've got it: Regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Yes, Hendricks, Jones, and Moss aren't doing six hours of cardio a day and supplementing that with a juice and salad cleanse. But I can guarantee that they regularly engage in some amount of physical activity -- at the gym or otherwise.

You can't look that good and not exercise. Would you agree?


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