Bed Bugs Won't Stop BlogHer

BlogHer 10There's nothing like a report of bed bugs to make me want to go take a shower.

Now throw in the fact that thousands of people like me are headed to New York City just as the Big Apple's been given the dubious honor of being the center of a national infestation.


Good news bloggers: BlogHer says the show must go on.


Even with the Today show reporting that 95 percent of the nation's exterminators are reporting brisk business, and Matt Lauer coming thisclose to warning against a visit to NYC.

The folks behind the biggest blogging convention on the planet say they're on top of it. Says BlogHer spokeswoman Elaine Wu, "We spoke to the Hilton about this months ago."

The hosts of the conference had this to say:

"The threat of bed bugs in hotels is a very minor and isolated problem. The number of incidents of bed bugs affects only a minute percentage of hotels’ guest rooms. According to research, bed bugs are brought into hotels by guests -- it is not a hotel sanitation issue. Our Housekeeping Team Members are trained and knowledgeable regarding bed bug issues, which have proven to be the best lines of defense, along with having a good pest control provider if a problem were to be detected. If an incident is being reported by either a Team Member or a Guest we collaborate with ABALON Exterminating Company Inc. and immediately deal with the issue."

Hear that? Leave your bed bugs at home folks!

Figuring out if you have them is a tough nut to crack. They love to hide during the day, usually in the crevices in your bed (think under your mattress, in your headboard). They're also teeny tiny -- about the size of an apple seed and similar in shape and color (reddish brown, oval, and flat).

According to the Bed Bugs Guide, they come out at night to bite you, and everyone reacts differently to the bites. Most people simply suffer uncomfortable itching from the chemical the bugs inject into the skin as they bite (not unlike what a mosquito does).

In rare cases, people have gone into shock.

Not shocking?

BlogHer diehards are headed to NYC this week anyway -- and they're being as industrious as their blogs have always proved them to be.

Says humor panelist Jessica Bern of Bern This, "When I first heard NYC was having a problem with bed bugs, I thought my ex was getting it all over town. Then I realized they were talking literally. I hadn't thought about the bugs until now & well, let's just say, I no longer feel safe so don't be surprised to find me packing....sheets." (Catch her on Saturday at 3 talking about humor blogging.)

What are you packing for BlogHer?


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