Salma Hayek: Juice Cleanse Junkie

Salma HayekSalma Hayek swears by juice cleanses when it comes to maintaining her fabulous figure and was doing them long before they became "cool."

"I've been doing juice cleanses for 15 years," the 43-year-old actress told "If I've been indulging in rich foods, a cleanse is a wonderful way to hit the reset button."

She's even helped develop a line of cleanses.


She worked with professional juicer (who knew such a job existed?) Eric Helms to develop Cooler Cleanse, a five-day program. For $58 a day, it's supposed to eliminate the following from one's body: Processed foods, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, dairy products, and sushi.

Hayek promises big results.

"I always lose weight," she said. "My skin glows when I finish day three. And it inspires me to think about what I put in my body."

Like the Master Cleanse that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are doing (or were?), I would love to try this one, but I just can't imagine not eating food for five whole days. But the more I hear about them, the more tempted I am to try.

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse like Salma Hayek?

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