Kaye Cowher Death a Tragic Reminder of Skin Cancer Dangers

Bill and Kaye CowherKaye Cowher, wife of former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, died Friday of skin cancer. She was 54.

They have three college-age daughters: Meagan, Lauren, and Lindsay Cowher.

While the family hasn't made a statement and has requested privacy, it's such a tragic and important reminder about the dangers of melanoma.


When it comes to cancer, it seems like one that's easily treatable, one people figure they will be able to deal with. Many people would rather take the risk than be pale,

But skin cancer kills, and it's on the rise. According to WebMD, 40-50 percent of fair-skinned people who live to 65 will get some form of skin cancer at least once. According to the CDC, 8,441 people in the United States died of skin cancer in 2006.

So as you head out into the summer sun, keep the Cowher family in your thoughts, and your sunscreen close. If you need help choosing one, here are 10 the Environmental Working Group say work well.

Have you ever been diagnosed with skin cancer?

Image via Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette


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