Texting Helps You Get Skinny

textingFor some of us, losing the baby weight is not our biggest weight management problem, it's the "toddler weight" -- weight we gain when our kids are older.

Sometimes it happens when we wean off breastfeeding, when we're still eating for two but are nourishing only ourselves, or when the kids start eating solid food but leave half of it on their plates (only to follow right into our mouths).

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to avoid toddler-age tubiness. There is! buy a smartphone and start exercising those fingers. Texting not only makes you look younger because you'll appear exactly like a teenager who can't manage to unglue her fingers from the keypad, it can acutally help you stay fit, too.


Okay, not in the way you may think. Exercising your fingers doesn't burn that many calories. But in a motivational way. In an experiment, mothers of young children were able to maintain or lose weight when they attended four interactive information sessions and then received follow-up motivational text messages over the course of a year. They also had lower cholesterol, ate more healthful diets and exercised more.

Moms were recruited for the study at elementary schools, and half were assigned to the group that got the interactive classes and text messages, while the others attended one class that just presented population statistics about weight loss and didn't allow for any interaction between the people in the classes. That group didn't get the follow-up texts.

Not everyone can sign up for a study, but you can get together with your friends and create your own motivational text circle:

"Keep up the good work!"

"I've lost 3 pounds, can you top that?"

"Please text back and convince me that this piece of chocolate cake I'm about to inhale is NOT a good idea."

Do you use texting (or Twitter or Facebook) to keep your weight loss goals on track?

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