Your Most Beautiful Age & More Intriguing Health News

number 31 spray-painted on poleHealth news that caught my eye this week all falls into the category of "Oh, no, how could that be!"

  • At what age did you feel most beautiful? In your teens? Twenties? A new study says women reach their "attractiveness peak" at age 31, an age when they still have youthful beauty but have a fully developed sense of personal style and maturity. -- Lemondrop
  • A teacher of the year candidate was charged with 12 counts of forgery for -- get this -- pretending she was suffering from cancer. The Pennsylvania woman claimed she had an inoperable brain tumor and required chemotherapy to get out of months of work over the span of nine years. She even got a trip to Disney out of it. -- Newser
  • You might not like Glenn Beck, but it's still a pity that he's suffering from something called macular dystrophy, a rare and progressive condition that causes one to progressively lose their sight. Beck said publicly that he went to the doctor when he began to experience trouble focusing his eyes. As always Beck found a way to make a joke even about that. Click to find out what the joke was. -- The Huffington Post


Image via jontintinjordan/Flickr

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