Marisa Tomei Hula Hoops And More Toy Workouts With Celebs

Marisa TomeiI've heard of classes for just about everything, but hula hooping?

Isn't that something your babysitter taught you when you were 3?

Not according to Marisa Tomei. The beautiful Oscar winner told Shape she got hooked on the hula hoop when a friend took her to a class.


They detail how to do the routine the Tomei way over at Shape, and they send you out for a fancy hoop, but a kids one will do just fine.

As will the kids version of the these celebrity workout favorites:

1. Katy Perry and her jump rope; which she says she carries everywhere.

2. Jessica Simpson and her inline skates.

3. Ben Affleck and his dodgeball.

4. Jessica Alba and her Wii -- how she took off the baby weight.

Do you work out with your kids toys?


Image via Shape

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