'Mad Men' Style Diet and Fitness

January JonesFrom Mad Men cocktails to outfits to home decor, everyone is mad about re-creating the era during which this addictive show took place.

But what about their bodies? In a world before Nikes and Stairmasters, how did women manage to manage their weight and look so great in the tight sweaters and form-fitting dresses?

FitSugar put together a great slideshow titled Diet and Fitness During the Mad Men Era that highlights some of the ways people attempted to stay fit back then. Even though curvy was more the ideal than the waif look of today, many were still concerned with their weight.


In fact, Weight Watchers was actually introduced back then, in 1963 by a housewife. Can you imagine Joan, Betty, or Peggy counting points?

The slideshow also highlights the fact that artificial sweeteners and diet soft drinks and foods were developed during this time. Check out this ad for Diet Delight, a popular artificially flavored canned fruit product, which was discontinued due to concerns over its sweetener, cyclamate.

As for gadgets and gizmos, long before the Stairmaster, the ladies could have tried things like The Jiggler, which was supposed to shake your fat away while you just stood there.

Couldn't someone have figured out how to make that actually work by now?

While it's funny to look back and see the diets and products people thought would work back then, things have only gotten more outrageous as truly crazy weight loss products continue to abound.

And not so funny is the fact that Americans are fatter than ever.

Do you think it would have been easier or more difficult to stay in shape back in the Mad Men era?

Image via amc.tv.com

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