Breast Milk Soap: It Does a Body Good?

breastmilk soapWith all the news about scary chemicals in soaps and detergents, getting back to natural products is supposed to do a body good.

But Japanese actress Asaka Seto is taking that old "milk: it does a body good" slogan too far.

She's making soap from her breast milk.


Time for a disclaimer: Yes, breast is best.


For the same reason that women will tell you breastfeeding is the way to go -- because it's specifically made by a mother's body for her specific offspring -- it's a waste to use it in other methods.

Seto isn't the first to do it; I wrote about a doula and reiki master from Maine who was doing the same thing almost a year ago. The difference here: According to InventorSpot, Seto isn't actually selling the stuff.

But I'm still flummoxed. Is this really better for your health than any other product?

Says InventorSpot, the soap is made from "olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, heat-treated breast milk, and purified water."

Milk has traditionally been added to soaps to nourish skin. And vegetable-based soaps -- using oils like Seto has pulled together rather than animal fat -- have been proven to help with eczema and have less environmental impact.

Breast milk is not approved for sharing unless it's been cleared through a certified milk bank, so selling this stuff isn't necessarily safe -- no matter how "heat-treated" it is. But it seems it could be OK if kept in the family.

Which still begs the question: If you have time to pump and make all this soap, who is feeding the baby?

Image via daquella manera/Flickr

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