A Safe-Sex Vaginal Gel & More News You Need

can with fake crab on head

Before you ask -- that's a crab, not a spider, on the cat's head at right. Get it? Now on to the serious stuff I've been reading about around the web:

  • A new vaginal gel lowers the risk of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The woman applies the antiretroviral drug to her vagina before sex. The gel also helps to prevent herpes, though scientists don't know how, since it has not responded to the medication in previous lab tests. The gel was developed mainly for use in foreign countries where the AIDS epidemic is rampant, but it may pave the way for more sexual disease prevention options in the Western world, as well. -- Wall Street Journal
  • Proponents of green products constantly warn about the unknown health effects of cleaning products containing hormone-disrupting chemicals. A new study on mice clearly validates those alarms, showing a direct link between cleaning products, air fresheners, and insect repellents to breast cancer. Time to find some natural methods of keeping mosquitoes at bay. -- Newser
  • Up to now, being shaped like an apple was a lot worse than being shaped like a pear. Men are more prone to stomach fat than women, who tend to fall into that pear category. For this reason, men have higher rates of heart disease and cardiovascular problems than women do. Scientists have recently discovered a danger in hip fat: It makes women more forgetful. -- Newser


Image via anomalous4/Flickr

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