Kyra Sedgwick and Jennifer Love Hewitt Ditch the Scale, Could You?

Kyra SedgwickAfter years of struggling with body image issues, Kyra Sedgwick says she's thrown out her scale, and has never been happier.

"I'm so grateful that I don't get on a scale because it's never going to be the right number," she recently told MORE magazine.

Jennifer Love Hewitt also recently talked about kicking her scale to the curb.


"I don't have scales anymore and I don't weigh myself," Hewitt said. "I would urge women everywhere to throw out their scales. Even when I go to the doctor's office I'm like, ‘Don't tell me. Just write it on your chart and don't tell me.' It does you no good to know."

There have been studies on both sides of the great scale debate -- some say knowing your number helps keep you in check, while others say the fluctuations can be too distracting and disappointing.

Personally, I'd rather give up my mirror before I'd give up my scale. I weigh myself a minimum of two times a day -- once in the morning and once at night. It's true that my moods rise and fall with the numbers, but it also keeps me in check, and I rarely stray outside of a three-pound range.

It's too easy for me to think I'm doing well when it comes to food and exercise, when I'm not. When I've been on vacation or taken a break from my scale, I'm always shocked to find how far off I am from what I expect the scale to show.

I may be on the obsessive side of things, but if it helps me maintain my weight, I don't see a problem with it. I think it's great that Kyra Sedgwick and Jennifer Love Hewitt are able to maintain their fabulous figures without a scale, but mine is staying.

How often do you weigh yourself? Could you ditch your scale?

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