Chelsea Clinton Wedding: Bill Keeps His Weight Loss Promise

bill clinton speaking

Is Bill Clinton wedding ready? Well, he's said previously that giving his daughter's hand in marriage will be difficult and emotional, as it would be for any father. I can only imagine his feelings have intensified now that the nuptials are just two weeks away. Rumor has it the top-secret Chelsea Clinton/Marc Mezvinsky wedding is July 31 in upstate New York.

As far as all of the arrangements like flowers and the menu being ready, don't even ask him. Hillary Clinton, who's been heavily involved in much of the planning, has said her husband is clueless about those details.

There was one wedding planning task that Bill Clinton was in charge of that he seems to have successfully accomplished ahead of the big day -- losing 15 pounds.


Usually, it's the bride that dives headfirst into a massive weigh loss mission once the ring goes on her finger. She wants to look as svelte and perfect in those immortalized pictures as possible. In this case, Chelsea was looking at the big picture.

"She [Chelsea] doesn't think I'm in shape," Clinton told reporters on April 28. "You know she told me the other day, she said, ‘Dad the only thing you gotta do is walk me down the aisle and you gotta look good.’ So I said, ‘Well, what's your definition?’ And she said, ‘Oh, about 15 pounds.’ So I'm about halfway home."

Bill hasn't officially announced whether he met his goal, but judging by this photo taken just a few weeks ago, I'd say he's pretty darn close. He looks fab in his dark suit, and tuxedos -- if that's what he's wearing -- are even more concealing.

A man known for his indulgences, Clinton has always had a penchant for fast food and saw his weight fluctuate significantly throughout his Presidency. He lost most of the middle-aged paunch, and even appeared sickly thin, after suffering his heart attack and subsequent surgery in 2004, but has since gained some of it back again in recent years.

How did he shed the pounds? One rumor says it was the Cabbage Soup Diet, but Clinton hasn't confirmed. I'd bet all the calories burned bouncing in and out of his seat to the excitement of the World Cup soccer games in South Africa had a lot to do with it.


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