Your Mom and 19 More Things That Make Us Feel Better

ice creamAfter her scary fall last week, Pink tweeted to her fans that she can't wait to see her mom.

Says the sore singer,

In 12 hours I get to see my mommy!!!! Its a beautiful thing when your mom is also a nurse, and a drinking buddy. Oh, and a jitterbug partner

She's 30, but I don't think you ever age out of it. l admit it, when I'm feeling absolutely awful I sometimes tell my husband I want my Mom.

So what do you use to make do when Mom isn't around and the meds aren't enough?


How about a few other pick-me-ups for the spirit that work for the rest of the world?

1. Going Outside -- and just sitting there.

2. Giving Something Away -- to get it out of your house.

3. Eating Ice Cream -- straight out of the container.

4. Calling a Friend -- to kvetch.

5. Ignoring the Phone.

6. A Hot Shower.

7. A Warm Bath.

8. A Cool Shower.

9. Shaving Your Legs.

10. Baking Cookies -- just to smell them. 

11. Giving Something to Charity.

12. Screaming.

13. Cuddling With a Puppy at the Pet Store.

14. Singing -- the more out of tune, the better.

15. Wii Boxing.

16. Going to Sleep -- in the middle of the day.

17. Sex.

18. Getting Take-out -- so you don't have to cook.

19. Cooking.

What non-medicine fix does your body good?


Image via moria/Flickr

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