Why Kendra Wilkinson Loves Her Baby Weight

Kendra WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson has a new baby, a book on the bestseller list and just finished season 2 of her eponymous show.

She's told the world about her teenage drug use and being Hugh Hefner's girlfriend, so why not sharing her post-baby weight loss journey?

The hard working star dished to The Stir the hardest thing she's ever done -- besides giving birth -- and what it was like to make a workout video, Be a Knockout With Kendra, while she was still trying to lose the weight she gained with "Baby Hank," her son with husband Hank Baskett.


I made the mistake of working out to your video when it was 90 degrees in my house.

Oh man! Think about how long it took to film that. We had two days to film that, and it took 12 hours each day. There was no stopping; we had to work out all day both days, and it was haaaard. That was like the hardest thing -- I mean besides birth -- I ever had to do.

It was intense, and I made the mistake of saying you know what, let's knock out all the cardio sections first and then I'll go to the easier ones on the next day. But I was paying the price after that first day.

You think it's like a 45 minute workout, and it doesn't take that long to make it.

Were you still losing your baby weight when you shot this?

Yes I was, and I still am losing it. It's funny because right now I have never felt healthier and more fit in my life. I see pictures; I look in the mirror, I don't look like I am, but I feel like I am.

I feel stronger than I ever did before. I feel like I can run better; I've been eating better. The extraness I have going on now, I feel like I could talk to it more and I'd lose more than if I work out more!

How much weight did you gain with Baby Hank?

I gained a little over 60 pounds. I was oooh, it was hard. Yeah! I gained a lot of weight, and I think I learned from Baby Hank that I definitely should be thinking about afterwards!

I went into the pregnancy, and I was like you're only pregnant once, twice, three times in life, why not have a good time? And I'm young, and I'll probably lose the weight really fast.

I was really bad, and I just wanted to have fun. I was pregnant for the first time, and I was craving red meat. I had red meat every day.

I wasn't that bad, but I was bad. I definitely paid the price for it. At 8 1/2 months that's when it all . . . I blew up.

How much weight have you lost?

After Hank was born -- he was a 9.5 baby -- I was down that and when I weighed myself I was like I lost a good like 10 pounds because of him and then right now I've probably lost 10 pounds after having him.

That's it? You look awesome.

It's not because, well, I've been putting all my fat into muscle. So it's funny because, it's different for me. It's not just working out. I have to diet now. The idea as the fat builds into muscle it's going to be big muscle. It's not going to be like nice.

What's been happening the stuff I was fitting into with my waist earlier is now fitting into my waist but not my legs because my legs are getting so big because of muscle. 

It's such a different body than I'm used to. I have to learn about it. It's a whole new body and I have to take care of it in a whole new way.

You got into a bikini for OK pretty quickly after giving birth. Was that intimidating for you?

It was really intimidating, really scary. I scheduled that, I think when I was still pregnant. I thought I could lose it in time for that shoot. That when I got to the shoot -- I was down in Miami -- I was like oh, jeez, am I ready. But I had to do it anyway.

They turned out like amazing. The pictures were amazing; we have them framed and all that, but yeah, that was probably one of the hardest debuts of me.

There's been a lot of controversy over the Photoshopping of all these celebs with their post baby bodies: do you think that made you think you'd be lose your weight lickety split?

Kendra Wilkinson workoutYou know what, you know, of course all pictures in the magazines and covers are touched up a little. I'm not going to lie, it definitely was. But you know that actually motivated me more than anything.

That's what I want. I saw that, and I was like you know that's what I want. I want to look like this touched up version. So that got me to push myself because I'm a very honest person. I'm a very true and honest person, and I want to be able to be true in real life as well as on the cover of a magazine.

To me, I'm a competitive person. I really wanted to look good and better than I did on the magazine.

[Professional Trainer] Nicky [Hollender] talks in your video about how athletic you are, you've always been into sports?

I've always been into sports, yeah. I absolutely found sports myself. I was walking in the park one day, and I was about 5 years old, and I saw girls playing soccer. I remember just feeling like I really want to be part of a team and run around and I had so much energy.

You know what was going on with my father and the whole family situation, I fell into sports because it was something to focus on, and I was born a competitive person.

I've always been an athlete. I was born and raised, I did every sport in the book; tried every sport. I did everything; I was a surfer, I was a skater. I played soccer, softball, basketball. I did everything.

I still am that person. I'm absolutely naturally talented at every sport. I'm not saying I'm a pro at every sport, but I can play every sport out there.

The name Sliding Into Home has a definite sports reference.

Definitely; I love sports and Sliding Into Home reflects my athletic side, but it's also representing my life itself. Each stage in life. My childhood and my teenage years and my Playboy years and you know, my life today.

I slid into home, I'm where I want to be with my family and my friends and my husband, and it's a beautiful thing. I'm home, I'm safe.

You've been open, especially in Sliding Into Home about how your body has been objectified over the years -- whether it's your math teacher telling you to wear a skirt for an A or people buying your sex tape. Has that made it tough for you looking back at your body?

Oh no, not at all. I think it's a beautiful thing. Right after giving birth, of course I looked in the mirror and saw all the stretchmarks and it kind of hurt because I had the post partum blues a little bit.

I didn't look in the mirror for weeks until the point I did. And I really didn't like looking in the mirror. But now the stretchmarks are gone, I've still got a little bit of weight, but I grew to love it. 

I love my body. You have to love yourself. You have to be able to love your body.

You can't hate yourself and hate your body. You have to be able to see beauty.

And of course, my beautiful son came out of this body. I'm thankful for my son every day, so why not be thankful for where my son came from?

I grew to love it; I'm loving it now, those curves I never had before and always wanted and all I really need to do is just tone up a little bit. 

I had my body before, and now I have my body now. It's called life. It's different times of life.

Would you say you love your body more now?

No. I can say I love my body now. I loved my body then. You've got to remember that life changes. Your body changes throughout life. You've got to accept it.

Your metabolism slows down, and it speeds up at different times. It fluctuates. You're growing older.

You have to learn to accept it and learn to appreciate it. You've got to learn to love yourself too, you know?

Of course -- especially as a parent -- you can pass that on to Baby Hank.

For sure. It's all about how you feel. If you look in the mirror and you see a little bit of weight, that's just weight. Try not looking in the mirror for a little bit. Spend a week and just figure out how you feel rather than how you look.

Go about that for a little bit. Of course you look in the mirror for how you dress, but try not to look at the weight.


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