Sheyla Hershey May Be Dying for Big Boobs, Are You?

Sheyla HersheyAre you dying for bigger breasts, coveting those of every well-endowed woman who walks by with a perfect pair?

Sheyla Hershey, bearer of the world's biggest breasts, could by dying literally because she wanted more and more up top, and got it via implants -- to the tune of an M cup. When she learned she was pregnant with her son, she had them reduced to a 38KKK.

She is currently fighting a staph infection that threatens her breasts and her life.


It's such a sad and frightening story, and hers is definitely an extreme one. But anyone who undergoes any type of breast augmentation or elective cosmetic surgery is taking a risk. Sure most, people are just fine, and statistics show it's overwhelmingly safe, but there's always that chance, no matter how small.

So the question becomes: Is beauty important enough to take any chance with your health?

I don't need or want bigger breasts, but I fantasize and talk about getting a little lift after the number childbirth and breastfeeding did on mine. I already have the perfect pair picked out -- Bethenny Frankel's boobs. Seriously, they are perfect, and would make shopping, especially for swimsuits, so much easier. If I ever go for a consultation, I will go armed with pictures of hers.

But could I ever do it? Go under the knife just so I could look better?

I have a hard time swallowing a non-organic grape, so on one hand, I can't fathom it. My other vain fashionista side says: Do it! Frankly, due to the financial cost, it's not really an option I entertain seriously. (Sorry honey, your college savings fund is a little short because mommy wanted to rock a bikini?).

I have friends who have done it and love the results, and I have friends who have done it and had some major problems. I don't judge anyone, I just wonder if money wasn't an issue and I really had to weigh my vanity against my health what I'd do.  

Do you think taking any risk with your health is worth the price of beauty?


Image via Facebook/Shelya Hershey

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