Michelle Obama Loves Fast Food More than Barack Does

Michelle Obama It's hard to imagine those buff arms ever embracing a french fry from a restaurant that has a drive-thru window, but Michelle Obama says she loves fast food.


In a Web chat with AOL Health to promote her Let's Move campaign, she talked about how there was a point in their lives when The Obamas were just like many of us -- busy with work and kids, and no time to cook. But she realized what was happening and made changes, such as limiting snacks, drinking more water, cooking at home more frequently and increasing activity in their household. Now their main mantra is balance.  

And balance doesn't have to rule out fast food or other treats.


"It's interesting that the president has a reputation for loving fast food, because I probably love it more than he does. He tends to be pretty disciplined about his diet. He doesn't like sweets; he loves vegetables."

But don't expect to see her in the drive-thru line too often.

"One of the reasons why he and I don't shy away from fast food at all is because we want our kids to know the balance. It's not about saying no forever to ice cream and french fries and the things people love, because no one could sustain it."

She said there's nothing wrong with eating cake or even movie theatre popcorn if you're eating well most of the time.

She also encouraged parents to model the kind of behavior they want to instill in their children and to make healthy living part of life.

"We are our children's best, first and often only role models," she said. "Kids are looking to us to be examples. They watch everything we do. If I tell them to finish their vegetables, you can guarantee that they're looking over at my plate watching if I'm finishing mine." 

I love that she admitted her love for fast food. So many health advocates just eschew it all together, which is easy to do. But avoiding it in reality is much tougher, and as she said, not always necessary if the majority of what you eat and do is healthy.

Are you surprised to learn Michelle Obama likes fast food? What do you think of her approach to healthy living?


Image via letsmove.gov

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