Trying to Lose Weight? Kourtney Kardashian Is NOT Your Role Model

Many celebrities are famous for dropping the baby weight. Recently, Bethenny Frankel made headlines when she was back in her size fours just a couple weeks post-birth while Gwyneth Paltrow, awful human that she is, famously denounced moms who are unable to shed the post-preggo poundage.

Google any name of a star who has recently become a mom, along with "weight loss" and you will get dozens of hits, either their "secrets" on losing it or their "shame" at not. It is enough to make anyone nuts and apparently, poor Kourtney Kardashian has.

To prepare for an upcoming photo shoot, the reality star and mom of one newborn starved herself until she passed out cold and had to be hospitalized.

I say, enough is enough.


I very much believe that mother should and can lose the baby weight with the proper support. For me, it was the key to feeling like myself again, but the pressure is overwhelming and when people are ending up in the hospital, it is too much.

If you want weight loss "secrets," it is all really very simple: eat less calories than you expend. Beyond that, try to get as many nutrients into those calories as you can and work out (for weight loss and for sanity). That's it. It's simple.

There are no teas or fasts or magic pills that will make you lose the weight. Just time and effort.

The typical formula is nine months on, nine months off. I have also heard that if one does not lose the baby weight in six months, that it stays on, but I don't buy that. Just take your time, enjoy the baby and be smart. The weight will come off.

Maybe there is something to the notion that celebrities should be under pressure. After all, they are rich and celebrated and get to live in Beverly Hills mansions, but the real trouble comes in when we "real women" try to emulate them. There is no photo shoot, no grand reason you have to be bikini-ready two weeks after popping a baby out. So, let's all take it down a notch and remember what it's really all about.

What do you think of the post-baby weight loss craziness?


Image via SouthFloridaBeachPhotos/Flickr

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