Best Vacation Spots for Runners

runningRunning and exercising has changed my mindset about many things, but one unexpected shift was that I have recently found myself looking to other cities and states as great vacation destinations based on a race or spectacular running route/trail.

Because of my new outlook on combining travel and exercising, I thought I'd look around for the best running cities out there.

Maybe you'd like to plan an exercise-minded trip away soon based off this list, as well.


I found this article by Seattle Pi titled "Best Running Cities: USA Version." (And while I think you could find a dozen different lists with different cities appearing on them, I really liked this one.)

A couple cities from the list:

1. Portland, Oregon. I'm ironically in Portland now, visiting a friend, and this motivated me enough to get outside since I brought my running shoes with me.

2. Austin, Texas. My first 5K was in the Austin area and my 10K (this September) will be an hour south, so I have to agree with this city's inclusion!

3. Washington, D.C. The article writer mentions Pajama Loop, which sounds just fun enough to entice me to add this city to my list of places to pack my running shoes for.

4. Boston, Massachusetts. I have to include this city since I'm going in October. I'll be there for a full week, and I really need to bring my running shoes with me when I go.

Check out the list for more cities, but what do you think? What's the best running city in your opinion?


Image via Lululemon Athletica/Flickr

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