5 Seriously Crazy Weight Loss Products

Calorie BreathAnything to lose a few pounds, right? Well, clearly many around the world embrace that philosophy very literally because a plethora of outrageous weight loss gadgets and gizmos continues to proliferate the market.

Some, like various unregulated pills and potions, can be dangerous; others are just downright weird ... and, dare I say, a waste of money that prey on the hopes of everyone who wants to find a magic weight loss solution that doesn't require the tried-and-true method: exercise and healthy eating.

Here are five of my favorite crazy weight loss products:


1. Calorie Breath Weight Loss Program By blowing into this phallic-inspired device, you can supposedly huff and puff your way to fitness in just five minutes a day. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for it to work though.

Dumbbell Phone

2. Dumbbell Phone Another one from our creative Asian friends, the Dumbbell Phone is a 10-pound weight you can attach to your phone, so when you lift it up and down all day long, you will get a little extra workout in.  Unfortunately, it won't fit the cell phone in your pocket. I think the first part of the product's name says it all -- dumb!

Diet Soap

3. Diet Soap Just sit back in the tub, relax, and wash your fat away. That's the promise of Aoqili Diet Soap. They claim you can achieve a 20 percent reduction in body fat. If only it really worked, I'd be the cleanest chick out there.

Diet Glasses

4. Diet Glasses These glasses are designed to make food appear less appealing than it would without the glare of the blue-tinted lenses. Apparently there's some psychology research that backs up the claims behind the glasses, but no claims of weight loss from the glasses have been backed up with any authority.

5. Small Bite If it's your big mouth that's getting you into trouble, you could always try Small Bite, which is described as "a revolutionary weight-loss treatment based on temporary (6-9 months) placement of an invisible oral device, creating a different habit of eating." Basically, it makes you take smaller bites of food. While the video does sound convincing, it also sounds a little too good to be true. If you're chomping at the bit to try it, you should know that It's still awaiting FDA approval.

Have you tried any crazy weight loss devices? Would you?



Images (from top to bottom) via Ali Express, Fitgizmos, evitamins, gearfuse

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