Can We Ban the Workout Skirt?

workout skirtI love yoga clothes. I know what this says about my style -- or lack thereof -- but I can't help it. 

The rolled-over top on those pants makes my post-pregnancy (five years) belly feel like it hasn't in years.

But my love of the workout gear stopped when I found this one: the workout skirt.

Because nothing screams feeling the burn like chub rub and a flash of your undies riding up to the whole neighborhood.


Hey, that's what the word "skirt" implies.

Fortunately (?) there is a bit of false advertising here. This is more skort than skirt -- there are shorts under there to solve the chafing problem, so it's not a true "skirt."

Lululemon's skirt gets good reviews. And it's not the only one out there -- New Balance, The North Face, and dozens more make workout skirts.

Some have briefs that go low; some leave a little too much to the imagination.

I'm still not buying the hype.

Sure, they look cuter than your guy's basketball shorts and your old tee for painting. Nobody said you have to look like a schlub at the gym.

But you're still working out; you're not going out. And you're making the rest of us shudder with our rubby thighs and our dimpled rear ends.

Do you work the skirt on your workout?


Image via Zappos

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