Starting the P90X -- Weight-Loss Calendar Week 17

P90X before photo
Before I talk about my upcoming weight loss plans, let me first say I broke into the 140s this week. I'm at 149 pounds, and although that's at the very, very top of the 140s, it's still THE 140s, THANK GOODNESS. I'm 19 pounds away from my goal and have lost 29 pounds so far this year.

I'm thrilled to be closing in on my goal weight, but I know the last 10 to 20 pounds can easily be the most challenging, so when the chance to try out P90X -- a home fitness training system -- came up, I jumped at it. (Especially since P90X is something I've wanted to try for a while.)


During my future weekly weight-loss updates, I'll talk about my progress with the P90X system and share some thoughts and photos with you, so you can decide if it might be something you'd like to try as well.

For those who aren't familiar with the system, it's a daily workout video with 12 intense workout circuits. They're designed to collectively transform your body in 90 days.

There's also a nutrition plan that coincides with the system, and while I'll talk about this as necessary, my main focus will be on the fitness program.

I've talked to a few people who've seen great results with P90X, so I'm excited to get started. I also think this will be a great way to get ready for my 10K this September and the boot camp class I've been going on and on about, which I plan to take in October.

I look forward to sharing this next chapter in my weight-loss and fitness journey with you, and here's to a killer "after" photo!

P90X before photo

Have you tried the P90X system before?


Images via Jennie Canzoneri

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