Laura Linney Gets Buff for New Role

Laura LinneyLaura Linney is one of those rare actresses I think I'd like to have coffee with.

She's beautiful, but normal-looking enough that she seems like she could be a fellow mom in the school pick-up crowd, and she chooses smart, interesting roles that play off her fresh-faced looks and her intelligence.

She tells Prevention magazine (via That's Fit) that her role in the new Showtime series The Big C, in which she plays a middle-aged mother with cancer, helped change her own diet and exercise habits. She rarely eats meat, and has added strength training to her weekly exercise routine.


She started working with a trainer a few times a week. When she started, she couldn't do a single push-up. (Really? I'm hardly buff and can do, well, more than one.) But two months later, she could do three or four sets of 12 to 15 reps. And not surprisingly, she started getting compliments on her great arms.

She also added the plank to her daily routine. I'm a fan. We do these in my yoga class a lot, and while you feel it in your arms and shoulders while doing it, the next day your abs will be sore. Since I hate crunches (does anyone love them?), anything that works my abs without my knowing is a big plus in my book.

More than her enviable shape, though, it's her attitude I find most admirable. "When the concrete idea that we only have a set amount of time hits you in a different way than just an intellectual idea, it changes you," she's quoted as saying. "There's no question that getting old isn't easy, but it's a privilege, folks."

That's such a cool way to look at it, especially in youth-obsessed Hollywood. It's good to know she doesn't only play smart in the movies.


Image via Prevention magazine

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