5 Tips I've Learned From My Weight-Loss Journey

I've lost nearly 30 pounds over the last six months, and I have about 20 left to lose. I had tried numerous times to lose this weight in the past, and nothing ever worked. So, what finally worked this time?

Here are a few weight-loss tips and tricks I've learned over the past six months that may help a few of you.


1. For the first month, I didn't go anywhere. No weekends away, no holiday meals with family, no vacations. All those things that can make weight-loss tough. Having that first month free of weight-loss bumps and obstacles really helped me.

2. I did a variety of different workouts the first month as well. Some nights I jogged, some nights I completed workout videos, other nights I got on the Wii Fit. Variety kept things from becoming too boring or tedious, and that helped me enjoy working out. I suggest trying a bunch of different things, so you know what you enjoy.

3. Celebrate every single pound lost. There may be some weeks you gain weight, there may be plenty of weeks you don't lose a single ounce, and occasionally you'll step on the scale after days of intense exercise and healthy eating, and you'll have lost less than a pound. All that can add up to some fairly frustrating feelings, but celebrate every pound you lose, no matter how easy or hard it was to lose it.

4. I've slipped off the dieting wagon many times over the last six months. I could easily have let any progress I made quickly unravel, but I always started fresh the next day. Those fresh starts are why I've continued to lose weight. You don't become overweight with one bad weekend or one bad night. You become overweight by letting those bad days turn into bad months and bad years.

5. I began enjoying food. Now, trust me, I enjoyed plenty of food in the past, but in an overeating-greasy-junk-food kind of way. Now, food is a hobby of mine. I enjoy cooking, I enjoy reading and learning about food, and I really enjoy eating it. I've actually lost weight by limiting mindless snacking and instead savoring every meal, even if some meals are filled with full-fat ingredients and accompanied by a glass of champagne (pictured above!). This mindset helps me identify when I'm eating because I'm hungry and happy or eating because I'm sad/depressed/stressed/overwhelmed.

What are your weight-loss tips?


Image via Jennie Canzoneri

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