Your Reusable Shopping Bag Is a Health Risk

plastic sucks reusable shopping bagGoing green is supposed to be good for our health, but the easiest -- and most popular -- way of cleaning up the earth just became a major bummer.

It turns out the reusable shopping bags you're so proud of are a health risk.


The study out of the University of Arizona found at least 50 percent of consumers' bags they tested had e. coli on them.

The problem comes when people put their hands in their shopping bags and then in their mouths or when the foods stored in the bags (especially fruits and veggies which are not packaged) pick up the bacteria then transfer it to the body when consumed.

It's the same reason you need to be hyper vigilant about cleaning your refrigerator -- you're transferring germs from the grocery store into your home that could make your family sick.

The dangerous bacteria has caused numerous recalls of veggies and meat in recent years because it can cause diarrhea, urinary tract infections, respiratory illness and pneumonia, and in some people it leads to death.

The Daily Telegraph reports as much as 97 percent of shopping bag owners admit to never washing their bags -- so the germs keep growing and festering.

I'll admit I'm guilty -- I have washed the cloth bags, but we have a few of those insulated bags for the cold items that can't go in my washing machine. I can't remember wiping them down. I will now.

When's the last time you washed your shopping bags?


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