Fruit Snacks Lawsuit Filed Against General Mills

Fruit Roll-UpsFed up with fruit snacks, like Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit by the Foot, and Fruit Gushers, and their "false and misleading" marketing, a woman is suing General Mills.

She says they all contain partially hydrogenated oil, which is contrary to claims the company makes that they are "nutritious" and "healthy to consume."


According to Reuters, Payton McClure, a "lifelong consumer" of General Mills products, filed the class-action lawsuit "on behalf of purchasers of the fruit snacks" and seeks "compensatory and punitive damages, and other remedies."

Though they may contain trace amounts of trans fat, the company is allowed by the Food and Drug Administration to tout them as trans-fat-free since they contain less than 0.5 grams of the substance. Trans fats have been linked to increased risks for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes

It sounds to me like General Mills is following the rules, which is where the problem may lie -- with the rules. If something is labeled trans-fat-free, then shouldn't it be FREE of all trans fat?

But regardless, I've never considered any of these snacks to be healthy no matter what the marketing says. Have you?

Just another reason to focus on whole, unprocessed food whenever possible ... and to read the actual ingredients instead of just the front of the box when you don't.

What do you think of the lawsuit against fruit snacks?

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