Would You Put Lip Balm on THOSE Lips?

vulva lip balmSkin cancer awareness has made the manufacturing of lip balm into a booming business.

But they're usually talking about the lips on your, uh, face.

Not THOSE lips.

But leave it to the folks at Vulva Love Lovely to let us know we're not being kind enough to our vulva.

They've developed Vulva Lip Balm. And don't fret your pretty little head: It's vegan!


Made with avocado oil, shae butter, sweet almond oil, candelilla wax, vitamin E, and
vegan chai tea flavoring, the balm features a photo of "an un-altered, un-airbrushed model" with full bush.

It says it's "for your lips."

But we're left here wondering: Which ones?

I mean, it has chai tea flavoring ... which sounds mighty tasty on ... um, either lips?

And the vitamin E and avocado oil are supposed to bring out the natural color in your lips.

So again, we have to ask: Which ones?

And before you bust a gut, taking care of your vulva should be pretty high on your list ladies.

According to my OB/GYN, you should be wearing cotton underwear (sorry), changing out of your wet bathing suit ASAP, and avoid using fragrant detergents or dryer sheets. Avoid perfumed soaps and consider sleeping naked on occasion to air it out.

So with all that, I'm guessing you should steer clear of a balm ... even a yummy chai tea-flavored one.

What do you think: for the lips or THOSE lips?

Image via Vulva Love Lovely

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