'Real Housewives' Weight Loss Plan: Eat Junk and Lose

caroline manzo real housewivesWeight loss experts have gone hoarse telling people that the key to dropping pounds and keeping them off is to not deprive yourself. Few people listen because they want a quick fix. Either they go on drastic diets of strained veggies and become stick thin until they can no longer resist the cheeseburger, or choose highly prescribed eating plans that account for every single calorie but are too complicated and expensive to maintain past the "enthusiastic" period.

Enter Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo, who proves long-term weight loss is possible through a very simple formula. Manzo recently lost 20 pounds by eating what she wants, but in smaller portions and earlier in the day.


She loves cheesecake. So she eats a smaller portion. And when she wants pasta, she just eats it earlier in the day, giving her body more hours to burn off the extra calories. She's given up soda, a huge supplier of empty calories, for "buckets" of water throughout the day, but she still treats herself to mojitos -- her favorite cocktail -- once in a while.

I take this approach as well and don't struggle with my weight. There's nothing I deprive myself of (except for bacon and doughnuts -- except for once in a blue moon, I really had to cross those off my list).

And I'm personally a fan of the "eat it earlier in the day" European philosophy. I often eat a huge lunch, complete with a dessert, to get me through those snack-able hours. Once dinnertime hits, I'm not famished and I eat something light, so I'm not too full to head to the gym or the track.

Is there any type of food you deprive yourself of or is it all about moderation for you?


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