8 Things You Don't Want to Tell Your Doctor ... But Should

Dr. Lissa Rankin
Dr. Lissa Rankin
Few woman actually look forward to their annual OB/GYN appointment. Nothing against the doctors, it's just often uncomfortable and can be embarrassing. Unfortunately, too many women let embarrassment keep them from sharing important information that their doctors need to know.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, an OB/GYN, author, and founder of OwningPink.com, says too many women want their doctor to like them and not judge them, so they omit important details about their lives.

"It's all part of owning your health," Rankin says. "Face it. Deal with it. Accept that it's true or accept that you wish to change something. Ask for help if you need it. But don't lie to your doctor. We're here to help. I swear!"

Here are eight issues she says women are frequently reluctant to reveal and why they should:


1. You're cheating on your partner. Why you need to spill: To check for sexually transmitted diseases.

2. You've had an abortion. Why you need to spill: Scar tissue could be preventing future pregnancies.

3. You drink too much, use illegal drugs, or are hooked on prescription medications. Why you need to spill: Even moderate use can up your risk of some cancers and other health problems.

4. You have sexual preferences you may wish to keep secret. Why you need to spill: To help your doctor address your specific issues (e.g., if you prefer anal sex, bowel problems could be an issue).

5. You're having problems in the bedroom. Why you need to spill: Your doctor could help solve them!

6. You're pregnant and you're not sure whose baby it is. Why you need to spill: Knowing the blood type of both the father and the mother can prevent a mother from having to take certain medications.

7. You're leaking urine. Why you need to spill: It's not just a natural part of aging; there are solutions that may help you.

8. You're not taking your medication. Why you need to spill: So you can get the proper diagnosis and treatment you need.

What are you embarrassed to share with your doctor?

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