An Exercise Video We're Embarrassed Just Watching

Mom workoutWe've all seen our fair share of weird workout videos. Hello Richard Simmons?

But the "Moms Who Hate to Exercise" video makes me want to crawl into my Mom closet and never come out.

Question number one: If it's a "Mom thing" to hate exercise, why did I quit karate in 12th grade to get out of it?

Question number two: What's with those dresses?


Note to the other Moms out there: If you find adult versions of your daughter's princess dresses on sale, run, don't walk, away from the cash register.

A sports bra and yoga pants work wonders. Even throw on a t-shirt if you've got a belly like mine and you'll be just fine. Really. I promise.

As for the workout itself, here's the message: If you want your kids to think Mom should be the family slave, you will get a workout! Oh, and you must love shopping and have oodles of bags full of your purchases around for heavy lifting.

Which you can't afford because you're a Mom who does nothing more with her day than run around in silly dresses cleaning up after the kids, but WORK WITH ME HERE PEOPLE!

Now for our motto: If you're putting together a workout video that makes you look like an ass, chances are people are laughing at you.

Does this make you embarrassed to be a mom?

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