Weight-Loss Calendar Week 16 -- Exercising for Life

weight loss
150 pounds, week 16
I'm still at 150 pounds (or I was a day or so ago and haven't weighed myself since because I need to replace the batteries in my scale). Anyway, I can hardly wait to tell all of you I'm in the 140s, but I can't. Yet.

I will be able to soon, I swear it.

Something I wanted to talk about today, though, is a thought that occurred to me on my drive home tonight. It's this: In order to maintain my weight loss, I'll have to work out the rest of my life.

That's sort of a daunting thought even though it's not too surprising to consider. Thinking that reminds me, though, that my ultimate desire isn't to reach a certain weight but to reach a certain lifestyle and health level.


I don't want to run to be a size 6. I want to run to be a runner. I don't want to be in shape to look great in jeans (it's a perk, though!). I want to be in shape to chase after my son whenever he asks me to.

Now, I also know that any life worth living means taking the occasional break from routines and enjoying fatty foods on vacation, a cocktail with friends on the weekend, and a workout hiatus every now and then.

I'll indulge a little more when I've reached that goal weight, sure, but I'll never be able to totally give up a gym membership or sacrifice that hour a day I need to run/lift weights/dance/walk/whatever. I'll have to make the time to exercise for the rest of my life, and if I convince myself that's not true, I'll gain the weight back.

It's not just about exercising, but that's a huge part of it, especially as I get older and my metabolism slows. I have to eat healthy, but I also have to work out, there's no way around it.

Saying it out loud (and online!) actually makes it less overwhelming than saying it in my head. Maybe because I fully believe the scariest things in life become much less scarier as soon as you acknowledge them.

Have you accepted that exercising is a lifetime activity?

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