The Twilight Workout: How to Implement It

taylor lautner gqTaylor Lautner has a luscious body -- and it's OK to say that now that he's passed the age of mommy is a pedophile.

But most of us don't have the Twilight salary to make up for spending every hour in the gym

So how does one make the Twilight workout work for you?


The hunky werewolf told GQ that he reads the books for inspiration -- constantly.

"I'm in the gym and I'm doing reps, and I'm reading the books, and I'm studying the character. I'm just saying to myself, 'I want this role. I love this role. I'm not gonna lose it. And I'm gonna know it better than anybody, and I'm gonna do that extra rep, because I'm gonna be Jacob Black."

So take out the reps and add the word "with" between "be" and "Jacob," and that describes just about every Twilight-loving mama out there.

Unfortunately, you've got to add the reps, and according to a chat Chaske Spencer, who stars as Sam Uley, had with OK!, that means constant push-ups and keeping dumbbells handy on the set of Eclipse.

Says Chaske:

“[The key is] muscle confusion — using the same muscles but with different routines. I’ve been eating six meals a day: fish, chicken, vegetables and protein shakes.”

Building muscle mass for men and ladies is a whole different ball game, but the muscle confusion principle is what's behind the popular P90X and that can work for either gender.

If you don't want to spend for the pricey P90X system, a few muscle confusion tips that work for everyone:

  • Change up your major routine every four weeks at least
  • Make use of free weights, cables or resistance bands in your workout. 
  • Vary the repetitions and the number of sets you use.

Do you lust after those werewolf abs?


Image via GQ

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