3 Workout Opportunities You're Missing Out On

workoutAs much as 40 percent of Americans claim they have no regular leisure time physical activity.

The problem? They have "no time" for exercise.

Excuse us while we ignore your bad excuses.

Even if you're working 80-hour weeks, your health depends on you working some workouts into your schedule.

Here's how to sneak them into your already packed day.


1. TV Time Is Running Time. If you have time to turn on the tube, you have a free moment to exercise. Turn on the TV and run in place during the show. During commercials do laps around your main rooms.

If you're watching an hour-long drama, that's 60 solid minutes of exercise. The Wii Fit Plus will even help you keep track of your steps and calories burned while you're watching TV these days.

2. Lunch Time Is Walk Time. Fresh air equals a clear head equals more productivity. So skip lunch at your desk and walk the block. You can walk and eat, or split your lunchtime. A half hour lunch followed by a half hour walk will actually improve your heart health and your digestion.

3. First Thing in the Morning. It sounds counter-intuitive if you're counting on those extra Zs, but a morning workout has been proven to actually improve mental acuity. So throw off the quilt and do something -- anything. Starting with simple stretches should be part of your workout routine anyway, but they're especially good at easing you from sleep.

Do you claim you have no time for exercise?


Image via SashaW/Flickr

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