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As the host of ABC's True Beauty, Vanessa Minnillo is a beauty herself. As a mom with zero time to exercise (especially at the gym), I was so excited to read in Self magazine that Minnillo keeps toned and trim thanks to a kiddy exercise -- I'm talking about good ol' jump rope!

Minnillo revealed to Self that her fascination started as a child: "When I was living in Turkey as a kid, I was on a traveling [jump rope] team and performed all over the country." Just goes to show, good health habits start young!

Next up, Minnillo's jump-roping regime that provides fun-filled, never boring cardio. Bonus: You can even encourage your child to jump with you, or if you have a baby, you can jump while he naps -- that's right, no need to book it to the gym and pay for a sitter.


Follow these 3 easy steps for a 4-minute (you have time!) optimum workout:

1. Warm up for about 5 minutes -- this means don't push yourself, just get in the groove and your muscles nice and loose.

2. Next, jump hard and fast for 20 seconds. Slow it down for 10 seconds.

3. Repeat step 2 eight times.

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Do you jump rope to stay in shape? Does this easy workout make you want to try?

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