5 Workout Must-Haves From Old Navy

Active tank from Old Navy
Old Navy can be hit or miss for me with their regular clothes (although for my son, I've always loved their little boys' clothes). Their sizes are confusing, their styles can certainly be strange, and their quality is surprising at best. (Some things last for years and some things don't last until next week, what's up with that?)

But their workout and activewear line is impressive, and here are five things I think you could buy without being disappointed.


1. Running sports bra. This sports bra is the first product I ever wrote about for The Stir, and I still love it. I run a lot, and it has stood the test of time. And it's only $15!

2. Active tank. My usual workout uniform looks like this: running shorts/pants/capris with a sports bra and tank top or shirt. If you can take away one of those layers and wear a sports bra and tank in one, fantastic! Also, this tank is a great price (currently on sale for $7.99).

3. Active capris ($15). What's great about these fleece capri pants is that you can wear them to work out, sure, but you can also wear them to clean the house, run errands close to home, or cram in a few extra hours of work in your home office. Basically, they're versatile, and the best part about great activewear pieces is when they serve their purpose while you're exercising but also when you're simply going about your daily routine.

4. Active shorts ($15). When you're working out at home, these shorts might just be best. Wearing these shorts is like wearing an extra layer of skin, and while I'm not at my goal weight, these make my butt look like I've reached that weight already. Comfortable and flattering isn't a bad combo, am I right?

5. Walking capris ($16.50). Whether doing light jogging or a dance class, these walking capris give you room to breathe, are insanely comfortable, and still fit well. I'd also wear these around town, which might make you judge me, but I'll be really comfy while you're judging.

Do you have activewear from Old Navy? What's your verdict on their line?

Photo from Old Navy

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