Grade Your Life in New Quiz! My Score Is ...

mom index logoI feel so lucky. I love my life. At least, I thought I did before I took the MomIndex, a new 100-question life satisfaction test. My personal results tell me I only kinda like my life, but I'd love it a lot more if I could manage to fix a few little issues getting in the way of total, over-the-moon joy. Some of them are within my my control, some of them aren't.

In a nutshell:

1. Lack of "me" time

My kids come first. But I still want more time to exercise, explore new hobbies, and express my creative side through writing and art. I'd love to start playing hockey again, but I just can't squeeze in those 11 p.m. practices at the rink. So I guess that means sleep comes second :)


2. Lack of "alone time" with my spouse

Last time we had a date was ... um ... maybe three months ago? Babysitters are expensive, and during the crazy weekdays my husband and I can perhaps steal an hour with each other after the kids go to bed. That time is usually spent as zombies on the couch rather than reconnecting by talking or other important things that husbands and wives should be doing a lot more often.

3. Mistrust of corporations

All you have to do is read The Stir's headlines: Tylenol Recall; Lead in Juice Boxes; Cadmium in Kids' Jewelry. Endless crib recalls. Hard to trust companies that are putting my babies' lives in danger, ya know?

4. Lack of friends

I've got friends in real life -- I just don't get to spend nearly enough time with them. Being on Facebook and other social networking sites like CafeMom offers me lots of daily support and connection, but I'd still love to get to the movies or take in a show with my girls a lot more often.

5. Mistrust of the government

Don't even get me started. I echo many of the same comments that other moms taking the MomIndex voiced:

"The government doesn't have a clue."

"The government should be less involved in my life."

"I'm not seeing any benefits."

"I don't like the way I'm being taxed."

The creators of the MomIndex, CafeMom and ABC's Good Morning America, revealed these eye-opening results yesterday, including the average overall MomIndex score of 76.5 percent -- a C+ grade just like mine -- based on 2,000 responding moms. Good Morning America and CafeMom will be discussing the results on Monday morning's show, so make sure to watch.

Okay, so this is what we don't like about our lives. What keeps us going ... makes us happy ... makes it all worth it?


Of course they do! My kids are my number one reason for being, and as long as they are happy, I'm pretty much happy, too. Most moms in the survey believe their kids are content, growing up with the right values, and will have everything they need in the future to make their dreams come true. I'm satisfied with having two kids, but lots of moms in the survey said they would have even more children if they could ... and maybe they would if they were actually having sex.

That was another big downer in the Index: Moms said their relationship with their spouse is great but they don't get to spend enough time with them. Half of moms were unhappy with the amount of sex they do have, which is about one and a half times a week (and will someone please tell me how it's possible to have half-sex?).

Another reason why they might not be having kids is money. Moms are extremely concerned with their finances and say they find it difficult to provide for their families the way they want to.

Despite all these concerns, moms remain optimistic about life. A C+ isn't horrible, it just means there's lots of room for improvement. Hey, if life was perfect, it would be pretty darn boring, wouldn't it?

Take the MomIndex to see if you rate better or worse than other moms. Then tell me ...

What grade do you give your life?

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